Saturday, November 18, 2006

Underworld- festa do Sirena

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rather Ripped

I heard that one of my favorite bands, Sonic Youth, will back in Brazil in February.
It reminded a critic of their last album which was in the August issue of Rolling Stone and had the best metaphor to describe a guitar solo that I ever read:

“The guitars ring out with a sense of emotional urgency, as if he has something incredibly important to say to some girl who's standing incredibly close, and he doesn't have time to diddle around about it.”

I wish someone played guitar for me like this.

The History Of Love

I am reading a book from Nicole Krauss, who I met in the Literature Fair in Parati (FLIP). She is a young New Yorker consecrated by the literature critic, married to other young revelation, Jonathan Safran Foer.
The History of Love is her second book. I bought it because besides the critic, she seemed pretty nice and also because I loved the name of the book.
It tells 3 non linear parallel stories that meet themselves sometime. And the book is written with the closeness of who really knows the most intimate anguishes of human soul.

I started reading it in the swimming pool of the House Ship, where there was a party going on. And I could concentrate. A proof that it is good.