Monday, July 31, 2006


Miami is funny. Almost everything is pink. The sea is Caribbean Sea color. It is sunny all the time and it seems that no one works there. The city is always in a vacation mood. I think if Barbie lived someplace it would be Miami.

Welcome to Miami

Welcome warning in the elevator

stop the clocks

If the clocks froze right at this moment, what would you think of your life?

Are you happy, or chasing happiness? Are you trying to lose weight, or you finally made into that jeans? Looking for the love of your life or getting married? Working your heart out or taking the vacations of your dreams? Do you wish you were a kid or are you enjoying your first driving lessons? Do you feel you're stronger than ever or are you hiding in a introspective moment? Do you see your closest friends or your schedule has just been too busy? Are you listening to the new album of your favorite band, or giving that old hit a shot? Are you admiring someone else's work or could you already tell them they're great? Do you miss your family or you just hung up with your grandma? Are you into Lost or haven't you finished watching Friends? Have you been dancing to black music or are you still too shy to do it? Do you have plans for your future or you're just letting it flow?

Today I heard about Oasis's new compilation, called "Stop the Clocks". And I won't comment on that. I just kept thinking of that phrase.

I wish the clocks could stop.

I just came back from watching "Devil Wears Prada".
Let's skip the part I compare it with the book I read a couple of years ago, or how I loved it. Let's also jump the part where I tell you guys that it really was a great movie, that the characters couldn't be played by any other actors, and yes, that Patricia Fields is my fashion idol of the 00's.
Let's go straight to the line where I tell you why I felt a bit inspired when I left the theater this afternoon. No, not talking about clothes, skinny models, mean but succesfull bosses, nice gurus, or even New York or Paris.
A good friend always said that living is sometimes givin up your own ideal of success, or love, or self-rules. And it really bothers you to do that. You'll probably feel bad, rethink your life a thousand times, until you stop and figure out whatever it is you've been following. And that's what I've been doing for a while now, and even if it sounds a little naive, that movie helped me trusting my instincts.
My advise? Do the same, even if breaking your ideals isn't exactly working for Anna Wintour or Vogue Magazine.

Do You?

It's not the first campaign against the iPod monopoly, but I guess it's the first time I see it all around. Maybe the whole thing is not that strong in Brazil - yet - but it's been a while everyone knows how impossible it is to stablish a conversation in trains, buses or even at the streets. Everyone is connected to some kind of technologic gadget, from cell phones to mp3 players. And in this case the iPod is the top pop.
These guys gathered in one site all links to anti-iPod campaigns, articles or facts they could find. They also developed mini ads that are around town through little teasers in newspapers*. Not to mention the creative (sort of agressive, but smart) work.
So, here it is,
iDon't. But until my iPod continues spoiling me, iStillDo.

*I'm not sure how big the campaign is, if it's national or local, and which medias are involved.


“We’re living in that Napster-like magic moment where you simply can’t believe the kinds of historic stuff available to you with just a simple search. Which means of course that it’s all gonna get shut down at ANY MINUTE.”

The author of the quote above, a.k.a. “x-amount”, is one of the maintainers of, a Blog that’s been quite famous around Boston’s weekly newspapers, for bringing funny, new stuff in a cool and sometimes polemic way. It’s worthy spending a little time to check it out.

Back to the main topic. It’s been a while I’m feeling like that about YouTube – the information/ pop-culture junkie video website - and since we came up with the idea of this blog I wanted to share that feeling with you guys. It’s all about being an inter”nerd”, spending lots of time looking around for any kind of information – from music to easy-cooking recipes, and, obviously, about being a little lazy.
Let me put it this way – in my opinion (and apparently in that guy’s, too) YouTube came as a revolutionary tool for us, lazy geeks. Pretty much all you have to do is hit the search button and with not much luck you’ll have whatever the hell you’re looking for. And I can say I tried hard on that. From Brazil’s 4th world soccer championship classic goal scene, to MySpace funny parodys, it’s all there.

Phoenix article brought some concerns about how much time we’ll all be able to enjoy this happiness, though. Issues as copyrights and parent-controlled-censorship have been taking some videos off of YouTube lately, but as bad as you may think it is, respecting this kind of rules should give a longer life to the yet worshiped website – I bet most of us remember how Napster got busted back in ’99, don’t we? The article also told how record labels and TV broadcasters are happy about the fact that the site’s managers seem to be aware of the threat those big bosses represent to YouTube – although they not even know how to really make it happen.

Anyways, we can still watch this big fight episode from a distance, while we enjoy some of the most curious and funny videos I gathered right below, for you all, thanks to my beloved

Brazil's 4th World Cup Championship - 1994

Silvio Santos - hilarious!

MySpace best parody ever

Back to The Future's actor Crispin Glover at David Letterman - on lsd

The Simpson's - Real Life

Sex Pistols on bad behaviour, haha

"Batima" Movie

PS: I could post a hundred videos right here, but part of the fun is to randomly think about something you like and hit the search.. try it yourself! And have fun.

Me and you and everyone we know

I usually like a movie when I leave the teather wishing I could be friends with (some of) the characters. Unless they are psicokillers. But you know what I mean.
I especially love movies in which people have regular lives and do normal stuff but with a completely different point of view, or in a different way.
This movie is like that.
When it was over, I was sure these people really exist and I wished to find them in São Paulo streets. Especially Robby.