Monday, July 31, 2006

Do You?

It's not the first campaign against the iPod monopoly, but I guess it's the first time I see it all around. Maybe the whole thing is not that strong in Brazil - yet - but it's been a while everyone knows how impossible it is to stablish a conversation in trains, buses or even at the streets. Everyone is connected to some kind of technologic gadget, from cell phones to mp3 players. And in this case the iPod is the top pop.
These guys gathered in one site all links to anti-iPod campaigns, articles or facts they could find. They also developed mini ads that are around town through little teasers in newspapers*. Not to mention the creative (sort of agressive, but smart) work.
So, here it is,
iDon't. But until my iPod continues spoiling me, iStillDo.

*I'm not sure how big the campaign is, if it's national or local, and which medias are involved.

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