Monday, July 31, 2006

stop the clocks

If the clocks froze right at this moment, what would you think of your life?

Are you happy, or chasing happiness? Are you trying to lose weight, or you finally made into that jeans? Looking for the love of your life or getting married? Working your heart out or taking the vacations of your dreams? Do you wish you were a kid or are you enjoying your first driving lessons? Do you feel you're stronger than ever or are you hiding in a introspective moment? Do you see your closest friends or your schedule has just been too busy? Are you listening to the new album of your favorite band, or giving that old hit a shot? Are you admiring someone else's work or could you already tell them they're great? Do you miss your family or you just hung up with your grandma? Are you into Lost or haven't you finished watching Friends? Have you been dancing to black music or are you still too shy to do it? Do you have plans for your future or you're just letting it flow?

Today I heard about Oasis's new compilation, called "Stop the Clocks". And I won't comment on that. I just kept thinking of that phrase.

I wish the clocks could stop.

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