Monday, August 07, 2006

Life Hurts

LĂșcio Ribeiro- a Brazilian rock/pop culture journalist- wrote an article about the saddest song on earth. According to him it is Gloomy Sunday, from 1933, that was even banned in radios because it became to be known as a “suicide song”.
Thinking about it, I found out that the saddest song I know is one of my Top ten, from my favorite. Hurt from Johnny Cash, which actually is a Nine Inch Nails’ song and Cash recorded a version on 2003. But for me Hurt sounds so more to be written by Cash, for its poetry, for all Cash’s life history and for the moment in which he recorded it – in his lasts months of life, already very sick and sad for June Carter, the love of his life.....
But although it is really sad, I get emotional but also inspired when I listen to it. And that is because Cash never denied the pain, but never surrounded neither. He could concentrate all his suffering to his work and to live intensely. I think that is why he has some of the most beautiful songs ever.
Take a look.

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