Saturday, August 26, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine?

As I watched "Little Miss Sunshine" last week, I got horrified by how families can make their girls look like playmates to win some stupid beauty contest prize. At the same time, if you turned on your tv you'd check JonBenet Ramsey's supposed murder confess the crime. For the ones who didn't live on Planet Earth for the last years: JonBenet was the little Barbie doll, beauty contest winner, 6-year-old, abused and murdered at her house back in the 90's (the crime was never solved since then). The guy claims he was helplessly attracted by JonBenet, what led him to do it. Sick, of course, but still: should anyone look at those girls as sexy mini Misses Universe? Come on.

Back to the movie (which was, by far, the best one I've watched in 2006). Besides the great script, the awesome actors, and making me laugh so hard, I also felt good knowing Olive was chubby, wore huge glasses and ugly clothes, listened to bad music and had the craziest family ever. She was happy.

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Actress_chick_1234 said...

OMG! I totally agree... I cracked up when i watched it! I want it for Christmas. I can't believe they made there little girls look like Chuckie's Bride who got a seriously messed up makeover. I swear some of them looked like my 'makeovers' for my barbie dollls when i was little! LOL if you haven't seeen this movie.... well youy really need to, that's about all i can say.