Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fashion: Put It All On Me

We started this blog together thanks to our many interests in common, although with different points-of-view. Plus we both lived in different countries, and wanted to keep up with whatever the other one was seeing, learning, listening to, bla bla bla.
That's how Two Way Monologue was born.
But back to our passions. We can probably say that one of the biggest ones is fashion.
While Ferr can absolutely fall in love with anything extremely expensive and hard-to-get, Thais has a magical ability to find bargain items that look just as cool.
That's why we thought of writing a post that would target both of our lists: Ferr's objects of desire from the recent runways, and Thais' finds in the real world.
The fact that we both live in opposite halfs of the world helps as well. Our lovely items could embrace all four seasons, how convenient?

Here, Ferr's de luxe items:

Balenciaga skirt - made in every color imaginable

Elegant Chanel dress, good girl style

Balmain complete outfit, perfect for a rocking night out, yeah.

Tom Binns' necklaces, the crucifixe one - center - is a major must.

The most beautiful pair of boots in the world, by Alexander Wang

Rock n' Roll Sandals Balmain

Thais' down-to-earth picks:

Fedora & Panama Hats - Urban Outfitters, Target

Round-shaped sunglasses - Anthropologie, Free People

cute purses - Forever 21, Urban Outfitters

Anthropologie Dresses, Jean Shorts Free People, Forever 21 T-shirt

Free People Sandals, Bow Headband and Bib Necklace Anthropologie

Many of the pieces above are highly recommended for Coachella and festivals like that. It's up to your style and judgement to decide the level of comfort and the quantity of accessories allowed for a 13-hour day under the sun.

For situations like this, we support the idea of light make-up (mascara, blush, gloss), many many hats, stylish but functional bags and light clothing.

About the boots, heels and bold jewelry: leave it for the L.A. clubs. It make a lot more sense.

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